Campaign Services

Sassy Red PR offers a broad range of services to assist you with your event, show, festival, or other. These include:

  • Media release writing and editing
  • Access to an extensive industry contact list
  • Tailored e-marketing for event, show or production
  • Organisation of promotional giveaways
  • Listings on priority arts and events websites
  • Box office assistance
  • Venue liaison
  • Detailed campaign report at conclusion of campaign
  • Tailored invites and running Opening Night/VIP Night guest lists
  • Referrals for cost other cost effective services (ie. photographers, filming, etc) 

And just in case there’s any confusion…

What a publicist does:

A publicist is the link between a production and/or event, and the media. They take all the relevant information about your show or event and seek to place stories with newspapers, magazines and online media, to arrange interviews and airplay on radio and TV and generally to spread the word through all public (and sometimes private) channels.  To do this, they normally create media releases, e-flyers, kits and backgrounders to tempt the media to run stories about your event. A good publicist should be skilled at turning the raw information provided to them into the form that will most appeal to the media. Even so, the quality of the material you give to your publicist, and the timely manner in which you provide it, is crucial to maximising the chances of success. 

What a publicist doesn’t do:

Creating and distributing marketing materials like posters, flyers and leaflets is not part of a publicist’s role. Nor is arranging advertising or any other paid promotion; that is a job for the producer since it involves spending production money. However, keeping your publicist informed about any marketing you do is helpful, since they may be able use this to leverage complementary editorial. Your posters and flyers may also make excellent material for adapting into photos or sending out in free e-bulletins and other direct electronic marketing.

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